Hear a crunching new psychedelic track from the London-based Australian outfit.

Bonfire Nights lilly creightmore

In June we premiered a track from new London outfit Yassassin.

Drummer Ruth Nitkiewicz is also in Bonfire Nights, which is a much more psychedelic, cosmic, creeping offering. Formed by Australian Steve Foster a couple of years back, in the past they’ve teamed up with the likes of Tripwires for a split 7″ on Bad Vibrations Records, and put stuff out on Fluffer Records.

Today, the fivesome premiere their new track ‘Easy Touch’ – you can listen to it below – and announce their debut album. Produced by Olly Betts of The Duke Spirit, and released via Holy Beatnik Records, ‘Entopica Phenomica’ will be out on 21 October.

Frontman Steve Foster has this to say about ‘Easy Touch’:

“At its most basic level, the track is about control and power – but it’s all wrapped up in a love song. In a relationship, there is a moment when you become aware of the power you have over that other person. You realise you could use it negatively (as people often do). But instead you choose to relinquish that control, to reject that control: submission is love.”

See what you think.