Having become synonymous with Leeds’ DIY scene, it’s always confounding to see LS6’s longest running band described as ‘newbies’. Frustratingly, those who are less versed in that local DIY scene are likely to be unaware of the band’s existence, unless they happen to be regular listeners of Marc Riley’s BBC 6Music show.

For the less enlightened, Cowtown formed 12 years ago, with ‘Paranormal Romance’ being their fourth album. Clocking in at just 23 minutes, there’s a brevity that works in their favour – short but never sweet. They’re noisy and accomplished, all twelve tracks epitomising what Cowtown have always done best: creating high-energy rock music that confronts anxieties through positive expression.

‘Castle Greyscale’ is arguably the band’s finest moment to date, made of Hilary Knott’s trademark, hyperactive keyboard skills, Jon Nash’s monotone vocals and David Shields’s propulsive drumming. MJ’s (Hookworms) production also succeeds in retaining the kinetic urgency of the band’s live shows.

Still intent on making music that focuses on fun rather than the dour earnestness of a lot of rock-orientated bands, ‘Paranormal Romance’ stands out as being dynamic and over-stimulated in a way that’s not effusive or try-hard.