Guitarist in hardcore punk band Muck takes a step in a very different direction.


In his short career Icelandic artist Indriði Ingólfsson has experimented with a diverse spectrum of sounds.

He’s guitarist in Reykjavík hardcore punk band Muck, and also part of experimental collective Sagitaria Raga. Outside of that, he’s contributed to a number of other art and music projects.

What he’s created here is nothing like he’s done before. He will release his debut album ‘Makril‘ on 26 August. It’s a gorgeous listen, with the guitar tones and brass arrangements reminiscent of The National, and his low growl not a million miles away from that of Future Islands’ Samuel Herring.

It’ll come out on via Figureight Records – a newly formed label based out of the studio where celebrated US experimentalist Colin Stetson recorded his recent ‘SORROW’ LP. Jófríður from Icelandic band Samaris is also involved.

Born out of a desire to get some space outside of Reykjavík tight, but small scene, Indriði’s ‘Makril’ was recorded in late 2013 in upstate New York. Indriði Ingólfsson explains about the album’s creation:

“The year before I was staying in New York doing a residency in the Clocktower Gallery (that’s where the songs ‘Út’ and ‘Guitarplay’ were recorded), then I dropped out of school for some reason and needed something to do, so I decided to dedicate myself for a while to make this album. I wrote and recorded it all but some people came and played added extra instruments.”

Other instrumentalists are Aaron Roche on trombone and vocals, Alexandra Drewchin on vocals and drums, Tumi Árnason on tenor saxophone and Albert Finnbogason who mixed the album also added some arrangements on a couple of songs.”

Listen to it below: