New ‘Upside-Down World’ sounds a bit like early HEALTH. Which we like.


KHOMPA is the new solo project from Davide Compagnoni. As part of trio STEARICA, in the past the drummer/producer/songwriter has toured with the likes of Acid Mothers Temple, Dälek and Damo Suzuki.

Now, he’s put together an album, ‘The Shape Of Drums To Come’ (yes, an obvious nod to Refused’s seminal LP), due out on Monotreme Records on 2 September.

As the title suggests it’s a record built on experimental percussion, technical rhythms and layers of live drums.

We’re excited to premiere the next track to be released from it, ‘Upside-Down World’. For it, he’s teamed up with Taigen Kawabe from Bo Ningen, who adds vocals. Their combination – mostly via the menacing production – reminds us of HEALTH’s early material. Listen below.

KHOMPA manages to pull this all together live, too, with an impressive stage up. It’s keeping on an eye on his site for shows.