Listen to a guest selection from PRAH, the Margate label who’ve released music by Oliver Coates and Bryce Hackford.


PRAH pretty much embodies why we’d bother launching something like Mates with Taste. Each time the idea is to shed a bit of light on the super indie labels we think are doing great things for the right reasons.

PRAH is kind of a side project to an already great indie label, Moshi Moshi. They’ve released music from the likes of Bloc Party, Eagulls, Tom Vek, Kindness, Late of the Pier, Slow Club and Anna Meredith in the past. You’re probably familiar with them. Stephen, who runs Moshi Moshi, set up PRAH in order to put out music with what he describes as “complete freedom”. Oliver Coates, Bryce Hackford and Lung Dart are just a couple of names that he’s released via the Margate-based imprint. He talks through the background of PRAH below, and introduces his guest playlist. Enjoy.

“I wanted to set up something new outside of Moshi Moshi which allowed me to release music with complete freedom, something where artists I believed in and wanted to work with could find a home despite perhaps not being obviously commercial.

I was being introduced to and meeting a lot of great young musicians who were working in this area. Throughout the short history of recorded music there has been a way for more experimental works to be released but as the financial machinations of the modern record label change so quickly these are becoming rarer.

“At the same time I believe that there are a huge number of people out there who are actually interested in music that may not actually be instantly recognisable and might actually need a bit of time and space to grow to love. I wanted to do something that tapped into and catered for that audience and those artists.

“The playlist is a mix of things that I have been listening to of late. It’s music that has, or is, coming out on PRAH and things that I wish I had released. The spirit of all of these things I hope to have on any PRAH release…”

Recent guest mixes in the Mates with Taste series have come from Bristol’s Rocket Recordings, Manchester’s Melodic, London’s Tough Love, California’s Burger Records and Sheffield’s Tye Die Tapes.