Listen to a guest mix from Rocket, home to the likes of GOAT and Teeth of the Sea.


In the next couple of years the Bristol-birthed label Rocket Recordings will turn 20 years old. It’s an admirable achievement.

It was started as hobby by John O’Carroll and Chris Reader, but over the years has turned into a label with global reach. They’ve done it by steadfastly ignoring everyone else and doing their own thing.

You’ll recognise the names they’ve released: Oneida, GNOD, White Hills, Shit & Shine, and perhaps most prominently in the last couple of years, GOAT.

John’s put together the following playlist. It doesn’t feature music from the label, it’s simply the stuff he’s been enjoying releasing, he notes that it’s all “hypnotic and fuzz oriented”.

Listen to the playlist below, and read more about Mates With Taste.

Mates With Taste is a series of guest playlists from the super indie labels we think are doing good things.

Recent guest mixes have come from Manchester’s Melodic, London’s Tough Love, California’s Burger Records and Sheffield’s Tye Die Tapes.