It’s happening in east London on Wednesday 24 August.


The Range‘s album ‘Potential’ caught our ears long before we knew anything about its creator James Hinton, or the process behind the LP. It’s been an electronic album we’ve listened to a lot, but discovering how it was made added a whole extra dimension. James Hinton spoke about the approach in our feature interview earlier this year.

To summarise, though: after experimenting with the technique earlier in his career, he used a series of secret search terms to dig down into the pages upon pages and thousands upon thousands of videos posted by aspiring performers on YouTube. When a vocal hook/rap/line appealed to him, he sampled it. Often the videos had just a couple of hundred views and these videos were posted by musicians in wildly different circumstances around the world.

He got in touch with each of them to clear the usage and, subsequently, their stories began to be told. It also began to reveal more about James’s own emotional state. The making of this unique album has been captured by director Daniel Kaufman, and made into a documentary Superimpose.

Together, along with Domino Recordings and Clean, we’re presenting a screening of the film, along with an on stage Q+A with James Hinton in London on 24 August. If you want to come, details are below:


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