Inspired by Ceremony’s early, hard sound, and Perspex Flesh, here’s some brand new hardcore punk coming on next month’s Too Pure Singles Club.


The Too Pure Singles Club – a 7-inch mail order subscription service that has shipped out records from Hookworms, Menace Beach and Seize The Chair in the past – continues its tradition of new noisy punk bands next month when it releases Grief Tourist‘s (great name) debut EP.

The band was formed by drummer Lee Vincent and inspired by Ceremony’s ‘Rohnert Park’ LP. You can tell, too. “I would send GarageBand recordings to Rich (Wells), who lives in Leeds,” says Vincent. “He would scream over the recordings and record them on a dictaphone in his front room, then send them back. The recordings had that gross quality we wanted, so we definitely wanted to replicate that when we recorded properly. He’s upgraded to screaming in his mate’s carpet shop now.”

Morgan Sinclair completed the lineup and off the trio went to a Perspex Flesh show, which also influences their bludgeoning punk. Check it out below. Grab a copy from Too Pure from October.