On their track ‘Summertime’ Public Access T.V. sing “she’s all truth no dare”. The same could be said for their debut album ‘Never Enough’. The New York foursome have gone the safe route for their first record, sanding down any jagged edges and smoothing over the rough patches. ‘Never Enough’’s slick pop production shows off the band’s tight percussion and 50s-inspired riffs, but comes at the cost of their rock’n’roll energy.

Beneath the sheen, Public Access T.V. show an impressive range of influences. They’ve shared bills with The Strokes and FIDLAR, but their sound is more closely aligned with Palma Violets or fellow New Yorkers Drowners. This is most obvious on the harmless pop of ‘Evil Disco’ and the explanatory ‘In Love and Alone’.

However, Public Access T.V.’s most successful efforts on the record come when they stray from the traditional indie-rock path. The disco undertones of ‘I Don’t Wanna Live in California’ is an album highlight, as is ‘On Location’’s sun drenched surf-pop. These are the moments that go some way towards justifying claims that Public Access T.V. are ‘New York’s hottest new band’. By venturing outside of The Strokes’ school of post-2000’s rock’n’roll, the band show a flicker of their potential as an outfit. Given the space to take risks and draw from different genres, Public Access T.V. could be raucous and intelligent.

Unfortunately, ‘Never Enough’ doesn’t show them at their best. It might be sleek and entertaining, but it’s not quite as exciting as it could be.