The collective are based in Belfast – they release their new album ‘Music For All Occasions’ in November.


I guess the name is kind of misleading. A constantly moving project, live Robocobra Quartet may often perform with four people, but the band itself has 14 interchangeable members who contribute on a rotating basis. Ten of those players perform on the Belfast-based collective’s forthcoming album ‘Music For All Occasions’, out on 18 November via Abbreviated Records.

Their’s is a sprawling sound that takes in jazz, post-hardcore, spoken-word, rock, classical… they compare themselves to the likes of Sun Kil Moon, Steve Reich and Slint. There’s definitely a Dischord Records sound in there, too.

Below, we’re premiering a new track, ‘Correct’. We like how it builds to a powerful conclusion.

Here’s a quote about the song from drummer/vocalist Chris Ryan.

“The lyric ‘I’ve been asked if Cash really killed that man, way out in the desert of Nevada’ was a question my brother asked me about Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ when we were young kids. When spoken, that question sounds like it’s about spending money in Las Vegas. Sometimes people phrase things in such perfect ways and they end up being accidentally poignant so I steal them for songs.”

Robocobra quartet are playing a bunch of shows soon:

Dublin, Bello Bar – 14 October
Dundalk, Macmanus – 29
Glasgow, Bar Bloc – 8 November
Durham, Empty Shop – 9
Manchester, Castle Hotel – 10
Cardiff, Full Moon – 11
Bristol, Mother’s Ruin – 13
London, Rough Trade East – 14
London, Old Blue Last – 15
Nottingham, Rough Trade – 16
Belfast, Redeemer Central – 18
Derry, Smalltown America – 19