It’s the lead track from the Norwegian band’s third album.


Norwegian punks Okkultokrati are now onto their third album. Later this month (30 September) they’ll put out ‘Raspberry Dawn’. Before that, they’ve made a video for the album’s title track.

It’s made up of footage cut together from an upcoming documentary by Norwegian cult artist Jernjern.

It’s kind of gross – shaky camcorder footage, disgusting shots of people’s mouths eating – but so is the song in a way. In case you’re wondering, in the video, B4B are Norwegian photography collective Born for Burning. In their notes, the band say the track is “a glorious rock’n’roll anthem celebrating the bad boys of rock and roll such as Iggy Pop, the Ramones and Alan Vega”.

Erik Svarte, from the band, has this to say about the video:

“Our 2014 album was about the ‘Night Jerks’. The creeps that come out at night, lurking the streets up to no good. That album is a picture of the darker sides of human lives. ‘The Raspberry Dawn’, on the other hand is a distraction to all of this. When the night turns into dawn, before the sunrise, the surroundings interfere with these darker sides of the urban nighttime. This moment, when the sky turns pink, can fool the shittiest person and make their focus shift to the next day and those hours of innocence until their mischief once again begins. The scummier a man is, the more important this rebirth is. This video shows a few night jerks celebrating the raspberry dawn.”

Watch the video below:

In the autumn they’re playing a European tour which includes the following dates in the UK:

London, Boston Music Room – 17 October
Sheffield, Corporation – 18
Birmingham, Rainbow Courtyard – 19

More dates and info on their site.