Guest selections from the exceptional Los Angeles DIY label.


So, with Mates With Taste the whole idea is that we invite the super indie labels that we like to make a guest playlist. It doesn’t have to be music by their artists (but can be), it’s really just to give listeners a flavour of the stuff they’re into. There’s now a whole raft of them to listen to (links at the bottom of this post).

We’re happy that as the series moves into double figures we can mark it with a special one.

Not Not Fun is based in Los Angeles. It’s two people, Britt and Amanda Brown. Over the last 10 years their 350-odd releasees have been an innovative mixture of noise, drone, psych and everything in between. That means they’ve put out music from the likes of Umberto, Les Halles, Torn Hawk, White Poppy, Peaking Lights and Ducktails.

Britt’s explained their choices for their guest playlist with the following words:

“Not Not Fun has existed for over a decade at this point and morphed through a lot of microcosms and willfully misunderstood sub-sects that a very slim percentage of listeners care about. But a label is a cause, and causes are hard to quit. The vision for NNF has shape-shifted heavily over the years, reacting to new zones of inspiration, but there are certain connective wavelengths: haze, hypnosis, hybrids, intuitive playing, exotic moods, altered states. These qualities can manifest in drone, dub, noise, acoustic, shoegaze, psychedelic anything, ambient, acid, industrial, melody, and a hundred forms of synth / wave whatever. Aesthetics accrue and decay relevance in fits and phases; music is no more static than life.

“Putting out new music by under-appreciated if not unknown artists in discreet physical editions is an eternal challenge. But it’s also indescribably rewarding. I am very proud of the sounds we’ve helped champion and endlessly appreciative of the free-thinking music obsessives that continue to care about things regardless of whether anyone else in the world advises them to.

“This playlist is a miscellany of tracks across several decades that I connect with deeply for nuanced personal reasons.”

Listen below:

You can visit the Mates With Taste archive now – in the past we’ve has guest playlists from New York’s Sacred Bones, Montreal’s Constellation, London’s Dirty Bingo, Margate’s PRAH, Bristol’s Rocket Recordings, Manchester’s Melodic, London’s Tough Love, California’s Burger Records and Sheffield’s Tye Die Tapes.