Loud And Quiet is an independent, monthly music publication, printed the old fashioned way, physically and on news print, in London, England.

You can pick up a copy of our current issue from any of our stockists around the whole of the UK. It’s free! And if you can’t find it, we can post you copy wherever you are in the world.

Alternatively, you can read this month’s here on www.loudandquiet.com. You can flick through all of our previous issue virtually too, free of charge. Have a browse on our past issues page – there’s some good stuff in there.

As of September 2014, you can also pick up Loud And Quiet at airports London Heathrow and London Gatwick, and also in UK universities.

Esquire magazine said this about us, Deer Brains interviewed our editor, Stuart Stubbs, and Sabotage Times wrote these kind words.

To celebrate 10 years of Loud And Quiet, in October 2015, The Guardian promoted our celebratory photo exhibition with this online gallery.

Creative Review wrote this article about the history of the magazine.



Q: Can I contribute to Loud and Quiet?
A: Y’know what, there’s a chance you can. Send proof that you can spell words correctly, take photos in focus or draw good pictures to info@loudandquiet.com. We do get a lot of submission, so please bare with us while we check your stuff out.

Q: Can I advertise in Loud and Quiet?
A: Certainly. Even if you’re a ‘bedroom label’, indie club night or self-funded band, we offer prices and ad sizes suitable for all. Email advertise@loudandquiet.com for more info.

Q: Do you offer up work experience placement?
A: Afraid not, no. Trust us, you’d be bored stiff.




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