2020 Gift Subscription

It’s not too late a order a 2020 subscription to Loud And Quiet, either for yourself or for a friend.

They cost £35 (for UK addresses only) and here’s what they’ll get for your money.

  1. Our 9 magazines released in 2020 through their front door
  2. Our monthly Spotify subscriber playlist
  3. Entry into our Album of The Month prize draw to win our favourite records on vinyl
  4. Special offers and free tickets to future Loud And Quiet live events

Having subscribers is essential to what we do. It helps us fund the magazine and is the best way to show your support for Loud And Quiet and protect our independence.

You can do this via the button below, but there’s some important steps to follow with this. Please note:

  1. Once you’ve clicked into PayPal, please change the delivery address to the person you would like to receive the magazine (they won’t receive a notification about this and ruin the surprise)
  2. We will then email you to get your address – we’ll send you a card to give the recipient of the subscription on Christmas/their birthday/whenever you like.
  3. They will then receive our 9 magazines released in 2020, starting on February 1st, plus the above extras.
  4. That’s it, they’ll have a year of music reading joy!

We appreciate your support and will wisely invest your money in your/your friend’s magazines.