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Cream of Sheffield’s DIY community join together for Blood Sport’s frenetic new video – premiere

A bunch of the city's foremost innovators perform together for a new clip for the aggro-beat band's track 'Reflective Orange'.

Sheffield’s Blood Sport have a reputation as an incendiary live band. The kings and creators of ‘agro-beat’, their sound is a confrontational mix of post-punk, noise and techno.

But they’ve also made a lot of friends in the local DIY community who’ve gathered together to make this frenetic, energetic new video for their track ‘Reflective Orange’.

It’s Blood Sport performing live in a warehouse but joined by some of the other notable acts from the Sheffield scene and beyond. You’ll catch clips of Cellar Dweller/Sheffield Techno Institute, The Half Earth, Thee Mightees, Avida Dollars, Community/Pjaro, Koshka (DJ), Rosolotl (DJ), Body Antoinette and Nohrr all appearing and playing. Ed Crisp from Best Friends has filmed the video with Thumbuster and Delicious Clam Records.

So, yeah, not just a great band, but a great advert for the city’s creative community.

Blood Sport’s second album ‘Axe Laid To Root’ came out earlier this year, it comes highly recommended.

These are the shows they’re going to be playing soon, too:

Rotondes, Luxembourg – 7 October
Keroxen Festival, Santa Cruz, Tenerife – 14
Stroud Valley Artspace – Stroud, UK – 22
Swn Festival – Cardiff, UK – 23
The Bar’Hic, Rennes, France – 27
Festival Soy, Nantes, France – 28
Corsica Studios, London, UK – 1 December

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