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The death of Mellah’s father made him see his own life in a new light

The south east London artist shares a new track, 'Nada', before his debut EP comes out this week

“In short, ‘Nada’ is a song about death,” says Mellah, describing the new track he’s just shared.

“My father died a couple of years ago now,” he continues. “His sudden, unexpected departure paraded in front of me the stark inevitability of death, which I had never really been faced with before, and through it illuminated the immediacy and beauty of my own life. ‘Nada’ is my memento mori if you like.”

It’s one of the tracks to appear on a new five-song EP that Liam Ramsden – Mellah – will put out on Friday (12 May). It’s called ‘Liminality’ and will come out via Lucky Number.

“My dad was a photographer, he gave me my first film SLR when I was 17. The video is simply every photograph I have ever taken with that camera.”

On the 16 May Mellah will play at the Montague Arms in Peckham.