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Former casino worker turned rapper/singer Biig Piig takes a trip to ‘Vice City’

New music from the Irish songwriter, now living in west London

Biig Piig is Jess Smyth, a 19-year-old rapper and songwriter born in Ireland now based in London.

In the current issue of Loud And Quiet she gives one of her first interviews, and explains how moving around a lot as a child and young adult (Ireland > Spain > Ireland > England) influenced her music and personality. She also spoke about the jobs she’s done. They’re all pretty interesting but the most striking was the stint she held down working as a poker dealer at the famous Empire Casino in Leicester Square, central London.

Her latest track, ‘Vice City’, like handful of tracks she’s already shared, is a love song, but with a nod to her former job.

You got me feeling so good / I put my bets on you.”