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Phobophobes are the south London band who stole Paul McCartney’s spit from Abbey Road

What a bunch of creeps

Once in the bowels of London’s famous Abbey Road Studios, Phobophobes did something that we’d all probably do given the chance/had we had the slightly disgusting thought to do. They took a swab from the studio’s oldest microphone used by all the greats who’ve passed through those iconic doors. The image, of that bacteria, now preserved in a Petri dish, adorns their artwork.

Sums up the south London-based band (who share the same practise space as Fat Whites, Shame, Goat Girl and lots of others). Bit strange, this lot.

Phobophobes feature original Fat White Family drummer, Dan Lyons, and Meatraffle’s organ player, Chris OC.

Sadly, in their 2016, their guitarist George Russell passed away, putting everyone on hold for a while. But now, they’ve come back with this, another new track ‘The Never Never’, which according to the band is a pop at “excessive commercialism”.

It’s out on 24 March on Ra-Ra Rok Records. And that artwork is below.