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sir Was roams around an island dressed as a king as he announces his debut album

The Gothenburg multi-instrumentalist has shared the video for new track 'In The Midst'

We don’t dish out awards for the best EPs from the year (maybe we should, note that down), anyway, sir Was’s ‘Say Hi’ released back in June made up for the lack of a new Caribou release this year with its warm electronic tones.

sir Was is Joel Wästberg from near Gothenburg, Sweden, a saxophone-playing jazz and hip-hop nut who after studying music in his late teens took 15 years to hit on the sound of the music he truly wanted to make.

His proper debut album is ready, it’s called ‘Digging A Tunnel’ and comes out on City Slang on 10 March. he plays absolutely everything on it, apart from the bagpipes.

‘In The Midst’ is the lead single for it. It features sir Was dressed in a king’s cloak with a sword arriving at an island on a boat, riding a horse for a bit and then going to a rave. Great night out. Great song.

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