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Vessels’ new clip for ‘Radiart’ is one of the most meta music videos we’ve ever seen

It's all fairly conventional, for about three minutes...

The music video, it’s a fine art isn’t it? Something to supplement a piece of music or elevate it? Distract or compliment?

Vessels come at the clip they’ve created for their thumping latest track ‘Radiart’ from a slightly different angle.

At a point where some artists’ music videos have plots to rival Line Of Duty Vessels’ new one begins like an episode of The Bill – or some kind of take on Radiohead‘s engrossing ‘Just’ – before it flips itself on its head.

The video is directed by Justin and James Lockey, both members of Mogwai/Slowdive affiliated project, Minor Victories, under their Hand Held Cine Club moniker.

‘Radiart’ was the first new track Vessels have shared from a new album coming out later this year, the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Dilate’.

‘Radiart’ is available now from Different Recordings.

Forthcoming live appearances from Vessels include:

Citadel festival, London – 16 July
Village Underground, London – 4 October

Photo: Danny North