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Wesley Gonzalez is an excellent musician so he’s calling his debut album ‘Excellent Musician’. Excellent.

The ex Let's Wrestle man is finally releasing a solo album. Here's a brand new track from it.

Wesley Gonzalez has named his debut solo album ‘Excellent Musician’. Of course he has! It’ll be release via Moshi Moshi on 30 June.

In Let’s Wrestle, the north London DIY trio he formed in 2005 at the age of 15 (reportedly in a garden shed), Gonzalez combined humour and disscontempt with a work rate and talent beyond his age. Over 10 years and 3 Let’s Wrestle albums he learnt his craft and is now moving on with his love for The Beatles and melodious pop music in tact.

Less Hüsker Dü and more Todd Rundgren, Stax Records and XTC, ‘Excellent Musician’ is the sound of Gonzalez getting back to experimenting with tunes, having taught himself piano for this new record. “Whilst I’m proud of what I did with Let’s Wrestle, I hate bands that regurgitate the same sound over various LPs – I knew something had to change for me to want to try music again.”

Here’s a first listen to new track ‘Exhibition Song’; an ode to the lethargy and laziness felt during the beginnings of a romantic relationship.

You have to see this artwork too, which continues Wesley’s interest in the bizarre, brilliantly shit world of waxworks museums, also tackled on his 2016 single ‘Come Through And See Me’. He’s playing The Waiting Room in London, too, on 4 May.

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