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Podcast: Midnight Chats Bonus Episode, with Wet Leg

A (kind of strange) conversation with Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers

This episode of our Midnight Chats podcast was recored in late February 2022, and was originally intended to run in the summer series of the podcast that went out on the open Midnight Chats feed (available on all podcast platforms if you haven’t checked it out yet).

For a couple of reasons we held it back, and for a couple more we’ve decided to share it now with our subscribers.

It’s a slightly strange conversation, as you’ll hear, recorded before the band had released their debut album, at a time when they were in the midst of being pulled in all directions as the most hyped band in recent years.

The chat got away from me almost immediately, and stayed there (the band were knackered, to be fair). But having watched some Wet Leg interviews since, I now know that that’s just their way – which is, at least, not boring.

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