Best of 2017 special: Midnight Chats podcast

With Laura Marling, Thundercat, Mac DeMarco, Angel Olsen, Julien Baker, Benjamin Clementine and Sam Herring

Like those disappointing episodes of Friends when they use to show clips from previous seasons, we’ve pulled together this ‘special’ episode of the podcast to show 2017 the door.

Don’t look at it as laziness – sometimes there’s nothing better than a greatest hits package.

Ours includes Laura Marling talking about cheese and Angel Olsen wanging on about roller skating.

We’ve met some amazing people on the podcast this year – this is just a little taster of some of them. And besides, can you really hear Mac DeMarco laughing at the size of his own penis too many times?

Thanks to everyone that’s been on the show in 2017. That’s Ryan Adams, Laura Marling, Jesca Hoop, Banks, Blanck Mass, Sam Herring, Thundercat, Mac DeMarco, Slowdive, Ghostpoet, Toddla T, Lucy Rose, Loyle Carner, Angel Olsen, Benjamin Clementine, Nadine Shah, Julien Baker, Billy Corgan, Wesley Gonzalez, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Alex Kapranos.

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Our next show will be with you at 00:00 hours in the first week of January 2018.

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