Laura Marling: Midnight Chats Podcast – Episode 19

Halloumi really is the best

Next month Laura Marling will release her sixth album in nine years. She’s just turned 27; the day before we met for this podcast, in fact. It’s quite a feat for a young musician who’s never compromised. She doesn’t like touring, so she simply doesn’t do it.

People who are that fulfilled and talented at a young age should, we tell ourselves, be nightmares to be around. I didn’t expect Laura to be like that, and she wasn’t, as you’ll hear from this episode of the podcast.

Things we discuss include Laura’s own podcast, The Reversal of The Muse (a selection of interviews with women working in music today), her two years spent living in LA, cheese, her fixation on the year 1969 and books. Sounds good, right?

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