The Blessed Madonna: Midnight Chats – Episode 131

Cooking for Daft Punk and what's going on with that illusive debut album

The Blessed Madonna – truly one of the most engaging, fun and opinionated guests we’ve welcomed onto Midnight Chats.

One of the world’s foremost DJs, producers and curators, Marea Stamper invited us to her intimate London studio, Godspeed, to record this… colourful conversation, about our current turbulent time in politics and journalism; her unique relationship with the iconic track ‘Marea (We Lost Dancing)’ by Fred again…; her voice being co-opted by a Tory government that she loathes; and stories of cooking pasta for Daft Punk when they literally came to the house.

And while there’s still no confirmed release date for her much anticipated debut album, there’s lots of chat about what to expect when it does finally drop.

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