Best albums of 2016: win our top five on vinyl

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, people

So, you’ve had a chance to see what we’ve been rating in 2016. The full run down of our top 40 best albums of the year is here.

The top five was as follows:

1. Anna Meredith – Varmints
2. Lionlimb – Shoo
3. Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition
4. Kate Tempest – Let Them Eat Chaos
5. Anohni – Hopelessness

If you’re interested in some further reading, after learning of her win, Anna Meredith spoke to us about her worries before releasing ‘Varmints’, getting turned away from Berlin Berghain and confirmed she will make a second album. She also threatened to punch Stuart in the “gonads”.

Enough of that, though, you’re hungry for vinyl. Now, what you have to do.

Create a new email to, put I LIKE ALBUMS in the subject line and send us your name, where you’re from, and if you give us permission to put you on our newsletter list (a simple YES or NO, it’s not like Groupon, it only gets sent once in a while and tells you about our new issues, podcasts etc). Also, include the answer to the following question.

Bon Iver’s real name is what?

a) Justin Lee Collins
b) Justin Case
c) Justin Vernon

We’ll choose a winner the week before Christmas. Good luck!

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