No Shit: the week’s best new music, ft Flohio, Black Bordello and more

Fiery UK rap, keening electronica, hooky indie-pop and more

Each week we listen to all the music we’ve been sent – and hunt down anything we haven’t – and add our favourite songs to our weekly No Shit playlist on Spotify. Follow the playlist to keep this distilled goodness within easy reach.

This week on No Shit

We’ve got brand new music from the reliably excellent Flohio, a cast-iron banger of a remixed Bdrmm track courtesy of Working Men’s Club, ice-cool production from Sky H1, and lots more. Dive in:

  • SKY H1 – Freefall (AD 93)
  • Flowerovlove – Saturday Yawning (Flowerovlove)
  • Ski Lift – I Wanna Be You (Ski Lift)
  • Flohio – Marbles (Flohio)
  • Black Bordello – Drones (Hideous Mink)
  • Bdrmm – Port – Working Men’s Club Remix (Sonic Cathedral)
  • Etta Bond – Without You (ft Iman Omari) (TLD)
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