DIY SOS – meet the South London musicians fighting for their favourite venue

All proceeds from new DIY SOS compilation, featuring Mat Riviere, Scrounge, Aga Ujma and many more, will go to Deptford's Sister Midnight Records

Everyone’s heard about how fertile the current South London DIY scene is at the moment. Although the most frequent headline-grabber tends to be Brixton’s Windmill (not without reason), Deptford’s Sister Midnight Records has also become a vital venue for the scene in recent years.

As the venue faces financial difficulties brought on by the coronavirus crisis, a group of artists and fans who love the space have come together for 23-track compilation DIY SOS. The release features an impressive wealth of voices and styles, including experimental songwriter Mat Riviere, folk fusion artist Aga Ujma, post-punk two-piece Scrounge, and lo-fi indie auteur Piglet, as well as new projects from members of Great Dad, SUEP, Leather.head, and many more.

Sister Midnight is my favourite venue in London, and the DIY SOS compilation is a great signifier of the strength of community it’s bred over the past year or so,” says Ben Wyborn, aka indie-pop songwriter Baggio, who appears on the release and helped to organise and curate the tracklist. “To have so many talented artists volunteer their time and art to the cause is amazing.”

Listen to and download the compilation below, dropping the cause a generous donation if you’re in the position to do so.

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