Wide Awake festival announce a major, progressive sustainability effort

It's not just the bands that are making this new one-dayer look exciting

Wide Awake is all new one-day festival coming to Brockwell Park, London, on Friday 5 June. It features a great line-up, with the likes of Metronomy, Squid, black midi, Goat Girl, Marie Davidson, Crack Cloud, Girl Band (above), Black Country, New Road and Dream Wife all due to perform. 

When the festival was announced back in January they promised that the whole thing would come with a “green manifesto”. The organisers have just announced a load more detail on what that means, and how it’ll take shape. 

“The Positive Policy” is a set of rules the festival have announced to govern the sustainability of their own event, that includes stuff like HVO Fuel and eco-toilets along with initiatives around single use plastic, ethically sourced food and biodegradable stage effects. 

Further still, they’ve committed to creating a report about the event’s imprint and they’ve promised to share their findings transparently afterwards in the hope that other places can learn too. 

On the day itself the festival will also launch The Climate Cafe, an area of the site dedicated to talks, workshops and interaction, all themed about the climate crisis. Leading environmental publication It’s Freezing in L.A are involved with the programming. 

“The aim is to encourage introspection while maintaining a hopeful, constructive outlook for the future of live music events across the world,” say Wide Awake. 

It just so happens that the festival takes place on World Environment Day. Some things were meant to be. 

Tickets are on sale now. They start from a very reasonable £34.50.

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