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******** ditch most of the conventions of a band – I mean, for a start their name is ********

Listen to 'Kinderpunsch' and feel thoroughly sad about Christmas

Those asterisks in the headline aren’t a typo, that’s actually the name of the band – ********.

They’re a duo of Glasgow-based kitchen worker Ailie Ormston and her bandmate Ω (again, not a typo), who is half of the partnership Edinburgh Leisure.

And on 26 January 2018 they’re going to re-release their first (and final) album ‘The Drink’ via Weird World. Previously they’d stuck it on YouTube, so this’ll be the first time it’s available physically.

I’d say take a listen to ‘Kinderpunsch’ (below) to get an idea of what the project is all about, but we’ve heard the rest of the album and it swings from one unconventional exploration to the next. This one, it’s safe to say, is the only track that sounds like Suggs in a parallel universe, where Madness flopped, he didn’t become a millionaire and so spends his days staring into puddles and generally traipsing around with a Bag For Life.

This all seems to be going on at Christmas, and feels relentlessly bleak, but also pretty funny. The real Suggs wishes he wrote a line like “Club me with your Clubcard.”