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Father John Misty seems to be trolling pop writers by knocking out three generic daytime radio hits

How Josh Tillman spent Sunday afternoon

Twitter’s been a much more boring place since Father John Misty gave himself a break from it back in the summer of 2016.

On Sunday (19 March) he popped back online to answer some fans’ questions and share three new songs.

He’s titled them ‘Generic Pop Song #3’, ‘Generic Pop Song #9’ and ‘Generic Pop Song #16’.

You’ve gotta wonder whether these are off cuts from some of the sessions where he’s written for huge international pop stars (like on Lady Gaga’s last album) or whether he’s just proving how effortless he finds cooking up a radio-ready pop song?

For example, ‘Generic Pop Song #9’ could easily be Ellie Goulding’s big comeback single and ‘Generic Pop Song #16’ wouldn’t be out of place on ZAYN’s next album. Maybe they still will be.