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Julien Baker just posted a new track as Matador announce debut LP rerelease

'Sprained Ankle' will get a proper release this coming March

Some much deserved good news for Memphis songwriter Julien Baker today.

In March, Matador will re-release her excellent debut album ‘Sprained Ankle’. That should help a whole lot more people discovery it.

It’s not just the album that was charming, our writer Ian Roebuck interviewed Baker last year and discovered an artist with impeccable manners getting to grips with her growing notoriety.

“My high school band got our picture in the paper once and that was amazing to me and then all of a sudden I am doing interviews with London and I am like, oh my gosh! It’s overwhelming,” she said.

Complimenting the news, she’s also announced that a new 7” will come out on the same day. The tender ‘Funeral Pyre’ is the A-side.

She’s also back in the UK in June, playing shows in London and Manchester.

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