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Mush’s new track is a 10-minute garage-rock tune about that whole ‘Alternative Facts’ bullshit

At least we've now got one thing to thank Kellyanne Conway for

“Alternative facts” is the bullshit phrase spun out by Donald Trump’s counsellor Kellyanne Conway that’s now so famous it has its own Wikipedia page. She delivered it at the beginning of this year in a briefing to the press as she was attempting to back-up her colleague Sean Spicer’s claim about the amount of people who attended the president’s inauguration. Rightly, it was called out as utter nonsense. It’d be funny, if it wasn’t so dangerous.

Anyway, the whole thing has served as inspiration for the this new track from Leeds band Mush.

‘Alternative Facts’, which repeats the refrain “bury it in fiction”, is a 10-minute Pavement-esque, slacker-rock track from the four-piece. They recorded their debut EP, ‘Ex​​-​​Communiqué’, with MJ from Hookworms and released it in July last year.

Now, following recent releases from Drahla and The St. Pierre Snake Invasion, ‘Alternative Facts’ will be the next music coming out on the Too Pure Singles Club, and will be available next month on 23 June. Order it here. The song runs across two sides of the new 7″ single, because it’s longer than most Napalm Death albums.

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