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Sleaford Mods’ portrayal of Philip Green in their new ‘BHS’ video is uncanny and grim

We're going down like BHS

You know when people say “you’ve gotta laugh… otherwise you’d cry” – that feeling of humour in the face of drudgery remains at the heart of Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods, whose new album is called ‘English Tapas’ (released via Rough Trade on March 3rd).

It sounds like Sleaford Mods, if you heard ‘Key Markets’ in 2015, breakthrough LP ‘Divide And Exit’ in 2014, or, possibly, ‘Wank’ (yes ‘Wank’) from 2012 – salty spoken word over rudimental bossanova beats, where Jason Williamson’s barbed tongue is having a laugh while simultaneously despairing at the state of things. It’s how the duo have continued to appeal in our troubling times, where a billionaire like Sir Philip Green can get away with selling a company for £1 whilst knowing full well that he’s spent his workers’ pensions.

Here’s how Sleaford Mods imagine Green, pratting around on his yacht without a care in the world. Remarkably, that’s just their mate dressed up.

As Williamson says of new track ‘BHS’: Buy a company, run it down, take the money, fuck the workers, it’s legal.”