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Sons of Raphael perform ‘Eating People’… in front of the church congregation at an all-boys school

They're brothers Loral and Ronnel

For their debut single ‘Eating People’ it’s like London duo Sons of Raphael asked the question: ‘where could we perform our music where it would be least at home?’

The answer: probably midway through a church service being held an an all-boys boarding school.

So, here they are, brothers Loral and Ronnel, bewildering the congregation with their squally debut track ‘Eating People’.

We interviewed them in the latest issue of Loud And Quiet – read the digital version, or pick it up in these places – or at least we tried to, until the conversation was interrupted by a guy in a tracksuit claiming to their bookie wanting to collect their debts.

Just a hint at the mythologised world Sons of Raphael are seeking to create.

‘Eating People’ will be released alongside another track, ‘Rio’ as a double A-side on 17 November, via Moshi Moshi

Soon, they’re playing these places:

London, Paper Dress Vintage – 12 October
Birmingham, Institute – 21 (supporting Metronomy)
Brighton, Dome – 22 (supporting Metronomy)