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The next time you want to dance around with a hoover, do it to Molly Nilsson’s new surprise single

'About Somebody' pops up just weeks before a new album it won't feature on

Molly Nilsson has been challenging what it is to be a pop musician since her 2008 debut album ‘These Things Take Time’ – a prescient title for the Swedish-born/Berlin-based artist who has always bided her time and done things how she likes.

She makes pop music in an uncharacteristically DIY fashion, bringing the most melodious genre of them all back to its essence – the tune.

The fact is that it can take teams and teams of people to come up with a song like ‘About Somebody’, only to flog it to Katy Perry’s record label, although they’d probably have to cut out the line: “Babe I want to party with you every night, and have a hard-on for the rest of my life.”

Nilsson releases new album ‘Imaginations’ next month via her own Dark Skies Association label and the Glasgow based Night School Records. You’d think that ‘About Somebody’ has arrived online to promote that, but it hasn’t. Backed with another new song called ‘Quit (In Time)’, it will be released as a limited 7″ on May 12th, only to be followed by the ‘Imaginations’ LP on May 26th.

You can order a copy of the single here.

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