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There’s another King Gizzard album coming – but this one is free, and you have to make it yourself

Y'know, like an IKEA gift voucher

I’m not in the band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard but I imagine there’s been points this year where their promise to release five albums in 12 months probably felt like a bet made at a drunken house party you regret the next day.

But, well, anything John Dwyer can do…

So, most probably to keep things fresh for themselves they’re giving away the next one. Yeah, like for nothing, free to download from their website on Friday 17 November. And, a bit like IKEA they’re giving you the bits but you’ve got to assemble it yourself. There are 10 tracks – just stick them in your preferred order and away to go.

The Australian band are encouraging people to make CDs, press vinyl, cassettes, digital albums, playlists…

“Ever wanted to start your own record label? GO for it! Employ your mates, press wax, pack boxes. We do not own this record. You do. Go forth, share, enjoy,” they say. The new album, by the way, is called ‘Polygonwanaland’.

First, they’re shared this new 10 minute opus, ‘Crumbling Castle’.