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There’s all sorts of lo-fi skills on Sorry’s visual mixtape ‘Home Demo/ns Vol 1’

Here's 32 minutes of weirdo bedroom DIY to float around

Shirtless skanking, bodybuilding, slo-mos and a tonne of iffy clipart fonts – it’s all in this 32-minute visual mixtape from London band Sorry who we spoke to for last month’s issue of Loud And Quiet.

They foretold ‘Home Demo/ns Vol 1’ then – a collection of all their music to date (13-songs in all) – we just didn’t expect it so soon, as their original plan was to put it out with their debut single. That’s still a little way off (but not far), although the band have announced a live event called Demon(stration), for 5 December at Corsica Studios, London, where they will curate a lineup of musicians, DJs and visual artists.

In the meantime, this visual mixtape gives you an idea of what this band is all about – a conventual outfit in setup (there are four of them, and they play as a band), but not in their interests, turned on by Dean Blunt’s stubborn way of working and Pro-Era’s ‘The aPROcalypse’ mixtape as much as they are grunge and DIY rock.

As the band’s Asha Lorenz told Ian Roebuck: “Myself, Louis and our friend Flo have made the videos to ‘Prikz’ and ‘Drag King’ and I think we are going to try and do videos to all of our songs. We were just out shooting random stuff. I like how in video a small two-second clip can be so emotional. As long as it’s emotional it doesn’t have to have a massive budget. I think that’s so important and I want to keep that with the videos to come. I don’t want a massive budget as I don’t think that makes it very relatable. Our work is kind of like collage art, a mixture of things and you can take from it what you want.”

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