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Watching IDLES smash a table load of china up in their new video is oddly therapeutic

This is the new video the Bristol band have made for live favourite 'Mother'

In recent times Idles have perfected a knack for making great videos on a tight budget. Like this one for ‘Stendhal Syndrome‘.

If you’ve seen the Bristol band play live, you’ll know well their track ‘Mother’. It’s a highlight of their unhinged live show.

Now, Idles have made a new video for it, which you can watch below. In it frontman Joe Talbot, looking slightly possessed and dapper in a salmon suit, performs in front of a giant image of his mother, and smashes to bits a range of china ornaments. Sometimes you’ve just got to do these things.

Here’s a message from him about it:

“Whatever we do, our fate’s the same.
So Smash and dance and hold love in.
We all know ourselves, we just don’t know it yet.
So smash and dance and hold love in.
Kill your quiet, kill your qualms and smash and dance and hold love in.

Mothers weren’t always so. I like to see this song as a brief glimpse into what she did and what she was and what women are to me and what they were.


Idles start a big ol’ UK tour on 5 March at Bedford Esquires. They also release their debut album ‘Brutalism’ on 10 March.

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