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Issue playlist: Loud And Quiet 155

A playlist of the musicians that make up issue 155 of the magazine

Your Oct/Nov 2022 edition of Loud And Quiet is ready for you!

If you’re on a membership plan where you receive the physical edition of the magazine, it’s in the post to you right now, while your digital edition is available to read right this second here.

As always, to accompany the magazine we’ve made an exclusive playlist featuring the artists as you’ll find them in our pages this month. Listen below via Spotify, Apple Music and the slightly-less-problematic-but-not-really YouTube.

We’ve done something a little different/better/more sensible with the playlist this month…

Until now, we’ve sequenced the tracks to run in the order that you find the artists in any given issue. It felt like a nice, fun idea, and SORT OF made sense. But it didn’t always make for the best listening experience, having the mood of the playlist jump all over the place just to fit the order of the magazine. So this month we’ve sequenced it for the best listening experience, still made up of the artist found in issue 155. Would be great to know what you make of it compared to past playlists.

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