Membership FAQ

How often are L&Q physical magazines printed, and when will I receive my first edition?

We publish an new issue every other month, in Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct and Dec. We’ll send you your first copy as soon as you become a member, starting with our current edition. That applies to anyone signing up to our monthly or yearly plans (excluding our L&Q Digital plan).

How do I get my L&Q perks that aren’t the magazine?

Those are posted on our site in our new Members’ Lounge (we couldn’t think of a better name for it). Access it all by logging in with your email address and password via the link on the top right of any page. We’ll also send the odd email here and there to let you know about any new perks we’ve put together for you and how to get them.

How do I change my address, payment details and/or personal information?

We want to make sure we’re always sending your magazines to wherever’s good for you. You can keep your details up to date in your members login at Steady – they’re the company who manage our memberships for us. We’re not allowed to log in for you, but the support team at Steady will be able to assist if you get stuck.

Your shipping address and your payment details are in ‘Setting’ on the left hand side of the page

Will my membership auto renew and when?

Yes it will, although you can cancel any time. If you sign up to our monthly plan, your membership will renew on the same date each month (the date you signed up, which can be found in your ‘Memberships’ login). Likewise, our annual plans renew on the same date each year, and on those plans you’ll receive a reminder three days before it’s due for renew to check you’re happy to stay with us.

What if I cancel before my renewal date – will my L&Q access stop immediately?

Although we’d of course love for you to remain a Loud And Quiet member forever, we fully understand that circumstances change, and maybe you just wanted to try us out for a bit anyway. If you do decide to cancel your plan, you’ll continue to receive L&Q benefits until your next payment would have been due. After all, you’ve already paid for your current year or month, so it’d be unfair of us to cut you off straight away.

Can I change my plan?

Yes! There’s more information on this here – How to Switch My Plan. Switching from a monthly plan to a yearly one (saving a bit of cash) is dead easy, as is changing to a higher plan. But you can also downgrade or switch from yearly to monthly at the end of your currently plan. Hit that link to find out more.

Got a question that’s not remotely answered here?

No problem. If it’s relating to your account or the technical side of your membership, please email If it’s something else entirely (missing magazines, excited fan mail etc.), hit us at