Anna Calvi: Midnight Chats – Episode 54

A south London musician marking her birthday by recording this stellar podcast

This week, on Monday, I met up with Anna Calvi. I didn’t know it was her birthday, which is probably for the best as I might have sung to her on this episode of the podcast and embarrassed us both.

Instead we kept things on other topics. We chatted about her “reptile blood”, Boots store cards, being on both sides of the Mercury Prize fence (she’s been a judge and nominee), her father’s days spent playing in bands wearing a cloak, hanging out with The Bad Seeds and the “utopian” image of a world where people are not defined by their gender she explores on her recently released third album – the excellent ‘Hunter’.

I also list a bunch of terrible bands I was in as a teenager. On that subject, shout out to all the mum and dad roadies out there who rarely get credit.