Ghostpoet: Midnight Chats Podcast – Episode 27

Immigration, the general election and swapping the big city for the seaside - the x2 Mercury Prize nominated songwriter in late-night conversation

Last month Ghostpoet shared a new track, ‘Immigrant Boogie’. For the song – a stirring piece of storytelling – Obaro Ejimiwe imagines himself in the shoes of an immigrant, embarking on a dangerous cross-border journey.

Given that few topics have dominated the political agenda more in the UK and beyond in the past five years, it’s maybe a surprise that more artists haven’t approached the subject.

Ghostpoet has, and that forms the basis of the conversation in this latest episode of Midnight Chats. It’s made all the more relevant by the fact that in few weeks we’ll head to the polls in another general election. Immigration, once again, is a pivotal subject.

But, it wasn’t all weighty chat. Obaro’s recently moved out of London to the coast (Margate) where he’s determined to highlight the creative communities there, starting with a new online radio station. I can’t wait to tune in.

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