Glastonbury 2024 Review Special: Midnight Chats – Episode 138

A special review of Glastonbury 2024: this year's festival from on the site to on the sofa

I got the hot ticket. Greg did not. In the field, and from the sofa at home, the pair of us compare notes on how Glastonbury 2024 played out.

Join us as we tackle the biggest talking points from the most famous music festival in the world. Did Dua Lipa fulfil her promise to turn Worthy Farm into a club on her headliner debut? Was SZA’s microphone even on? Did Coldplay bring the world together in a moment of communal feeling, or was it a bad acid trip? And Did Louis Tomlinson steal a TV from the local Curries so he could watch the England game in the campsite? All these essential questions answered, and more.

As this episode if something a bit different from us, we’d love to know what you make of it. Please do drop up a line with your thoughts, comments and questions. Email Greg@loudandquiet.com or DM us on @midnightchatspod on Instagram.

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