Gwenno: Midnight Chats – Episode 41

It's Welsh Language Music Day – let's talk about Cornwall and Michael Flatley

Today (9 February 2018) is Welsh Language Music Day, making this episode of the podcast the most timely yet – by complete accident.

Gwenno, for the uninitiated, is the Welsh musician who two years ago released her debut solo album, ‘Y Dydd Olaf’ – a record completely in Welsh, except for the final track, performed in Cornish.

Gwenno grew up in Cardiff, in a home where these two languages were spoken above English. She moved to Las Vegas at the age of 17 for two years of professional dancing in Michael Flatley’s Lord of The Dance. She didn’t love it but she stuck it out and got into techno on the Strip before moving back the UK to join the Pipettes.

Next month, on March 2nd, she’ll release new album ‘Le Kov’, which logically continues Gwenno’s exploration into her first languages. There’s no Welsh on this one though – it’s all Cornish, with musical cues coming from Serge Gainsbourg and beyond.

It’s a beautiful record and here’s Gwenno discussing it and those strange two years wandering around the desert as a teenager.