Haim: Midnight Chats – Episode 80

A one step guide to freaking out your heroes The Spice Girls

Haim are tonight’s guests on the podcast.

It’s 45 minutes which shows why Este, Danielle and Alana have made friends so easily the past 7 years on their journey from playing gigs in Californian bars to warming up Coachella for Queen B.

Recorded at the end of September the sisters were briefly in London to big up their latest single ‘Summer Girl’ but also take a short “ear break” from recording their third album.

And sure, Haim chats are known for being high energy (there’s plenty of chat about recently meeting The Spice Girls, nu metal, CD mix tapes, Lizzo and supporting Beyoncé) but it was also calm, collected and candid. Even to the extent that at one point Danielle took out her iPhone and started playing a demo. But let’s start with Alana (Baby Haim) finally meeting Emma Bunton this past summer…

Listen below, or via Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.