James Acaster: Midnight Chats – Episode 92

All hail 2016 – the best year in the history of music

I’ve never met someone with the encyclopaedic knowledge that James Acaster has. It’s kind of limited to music from the year 2016, but still; the ease with which he recalls the names of obscure Bandcamp albums from that year is nuts – in the modern age, like most people, I’m afraid of committing to any song or album title from any time: I’m pretty sure it’s ‘Life On Mars’, but suddenly I can’t be sure. Not 100%. Best just say Bowie. His name was Bowie, wasn’t it?

James has bought 600 albums from 2016, which forms the basis of his forthcoming podcast series, James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds, currently scheduled to begin 24 April 2020 on BBC Sounds.

In this week’s episode we talk about what got him obsessed with that year and the weird music he found throughout it. And the Spice girls, his old bands, a new drumming project and his own podcast, Off Menu.

Listen below on via your preferred podcast app.

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