Johnny Marr: Midnight Chats – Episode 49

We don't know how this happened

Johnny Marr has a reputation for being a nice guy. It’s quite staggering actually. I know a lot of people who’ve met him and they all say the same thing.

Last year, as a life-long fan of Marr’s and especially of The Smiths, I listened to his autobiography, Set The Boy Free. It’s a brilliant book because it makes you realise how The Smiths really was just the beginning. Since the band split up in 1987 Marr has made music with Talking Heads, The The, Bernard Sumner, The Pet Shop Boys, Modest Mouse, The Pretenders and The Cribs, which is only the start of the list.

He’s now releasing records in his own name, with LP 3, ‘Call The Comet’, out on 15 June.

At his record label (Warner Bros) in West London, I spent two hours with Johnny in total, for this week’s Midnight Chats and for a Sweet 16 feature that’s gone into Loud And Quiet 125. It was fucking brilliant. Here’s one of them…