Lucy Rose: Midnight Chats Podcast – Episode 31

Grab the travel tissues - this is a heart-warming one

In the middle of a crap year, Lucy Rose did something life-altering. Feeling disillusioned and doubtful about her place in music, in 2016 the songwriter decided to do something radical. It came at a time, when, in her own words, she’d “forgotten why I got into music in the first place.”

In a bid to remind herself she made contact with fans in towns and cities across South America and asked if she could come and visit. In exchange for a bed for the night and some dinner, she’d play a free show in their local town – that meant playing gigs in places rarely visited by most UK touring acts (Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay).

She blogged the whole experience, and also made a short documentary about it all (Something’s Changing – the same name as her latest album).

In this latest episode of Midnight Chats she talks about the lasting, profound and faith-restoring impact of the experience.

If that all sounds a bit too heart-warming. There was still time for chat about Kiefer Sutherland and why she hates birthday cards.

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