MGMT: Midnight Chats – Episode 126

Are Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser thinking about a broadway show of their debut album?

Maybe you were reminded of the genius songwriting of US duo MGMT when their song ‘Time To Pretend’ recently popped up on in Saltburn. Ever since their breakthrough in 2007, with songs like ‘Kids’ and ‘Electric Feel’, the duo of Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser have continued to release a stream of compelling new music that’s seemingly rejected what’s come before from them.

In this week’s podcast, I spoke to them from their homes in America on opposite coasts to wind back the clock on meeting them for the first time in 2007, and hear early stories of their surreal meetings with Sir Paul McCartney, Arctic Monkeys and Adele.

Plus, the duo discuss performing their debut album Oracular Spectacular live at Just Like Heaven festival in 2023, the period during COVID-19 where their song ‘Little Dark Age’ seemed to soundtrack every video on the internet and their future plans as a band.

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